Life’s Purpose


“Dawn returns, but without thy light within
no outward light can profit…

…Cause me to be a mirror of thy grace,
  to show others the joy of thy service,
May my lips be well-tuned cymbals
sounding thy praise,
Let a halo of heavenly-mindedness
sparkle around me
and a lamp of kindness sunbeam my path.
Teach me the happy art of
  attending to things temporal
  with a mind intent on things eternal.
Send me forth to have compassion
on the ignorant and miserable.
Help me to walk as Jesus walked,
  my only Saviour and perfect model,
  his mind my inward guest,
  his meekness my covering garb.
Let my happy place be amongst the poor in spirit,
  my delight the gentle ranks of the meek.
Let me always esteem others better than myself,
and find in true humility
  an heirdom to two worlds.”

— Excerpts from Christlikeness, The Valley of Vision


He knows my past
The choices I have made
When I have wandered
When I pushed away
Somehow still I’m held by this one thing…
Yes, Jesus loves me… Even me


Thoughts on this?

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