Condemned to camp

Summer… Good time for camping in the great outdoors.
But can you imagine going camping for months, or years?
… Or 40 years? … In the wilderness, the unforgiving desert?
…With all your family, and everything you own? (Suddenly not sounding so fun.)

The faithlessness at Kadesh Barnea by the Israelites, despite being so close to the Promised Land, resulted in these 40 years of wandering for a faithless generation.

When God has freed us from bondage in Egypt, is our response, once freed, to seek a return to captivity (Numbers 14)?

But God is faithful.
See how He provides and guides them still.
And He guides us still, He is still going before us!

My friends, how close are we to God’s promise?
Has the wait been so long that we’re losing faith?

Do not let Him find us a faithless generation. 
He has freed you! Do not seek bondage again, in your faithlessness.

Believe in His promises, and go on by faith, not sight.

So it was, whenever the ark set out, Moses said: 

“Rise up O Lord!
Let your enemies be scattered,
And let those who hate you flee before you.” 

And when it rested, he said,

“Return, O Lord,
To the many thousands of Israel.”

Numbers 10:35-36

“When our hope is lost
When our strength is gone
He is rising up
We will overcome”


Thoughts on this?

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