Daylight Savings Thoughts + We’re moving soon!

It’s daylight savings today, and what better use of the hour than for some good old reflection?
This post was spurred on by Streams in the Desert’s October 20th post on Moving.
(Particularly relevant – I’m getting ready to move later this month, too, actually!)

Taking some snippets from the passage (which was based on 2 Cor 5:1):

The owner of the tenement which I have occupied for many years has given notice that he will furnish but little or nothing more for repairs. I am advised to be ready to move…

It is strange how quickly one’s interest is transferred to the prospective home. I have been consulting maps of the new country and reading descriptions of its inhabitants. One who visited it has returned, and from him I learn that it is beautiful beyond description… He says that, in order to make an investment there, he has suffered the loss of all things that he owned here, and even rejoices in what others would call making a sacrifice. Another, whose love to me has been proven by the greatest possible test, is now there…

Two or three times I have been down by the border of the river that forms the boundary, and have wished myself among the company of those who were singing praises to the King on the other side. Many of my friends have moved there. Before leaving they spoke of my coming later. I have seen the smile upon their faces as they passed out of sight. Often I am asked to make some new investments here, but my answer in every case is, “I am getting ready to move.”

Our time here is short.
What are we doing?
I was reminded today about what counts in life, or what we should do with the few short days we have. And the section title caught my eye: “Love, for the Day Is Near.”

“Let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another, for he who loves his fellowman has fulfilled the law.” (Romans 13:8)

Do you spend your time calculating how to maximize …(Oh, something!) Profit? Efficiency? Productivity?
Do you think about what people owe you, and what you get out of time spent in every human relationship you have?
Do you ask if you put in more in a friendship than your friend does?
Do you think that you’re working harder for the marriage than your spouse?
And you’re so tired. Of trying, of counting and calculating.

So don’t.
Because what we have here is so transient.
And to put so much effort to make sure that you are the one who benefits most, what does that get you?
Impermanent happiness? I’m afraid it will be even less than that!

But Love.  Love in the way that you would be loved (this is the rest of the passage).
Or go further, even for people you don’t otherwise care for, expecting nothing in return (See Luke 6:35).

But why? Because there are promises.
Because your Heavenly Father sees in secret, and He promises rewards (See Matt 6:6b).
Maybe not here, maybe not now, but one day.

But even better than that, when you love as you ought – in the way that God intended,  you might find how freeing that is. The fears you once had about caring more or caring too much for those you love (or should love), about it not being fair that you did more, all that – will begin to go away. Because “there is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear…” (See 1 John 4:18).

Yes…We’re moving soon.
And it will be beautiful there, beyond anything you or I can imagine.
Are you ready?

Take care for now,


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