Saturday Morning Cheer

It’s Saturday morning. I’m looking at my planner, and it’s a loooong list of chores. The sadder news is that I can’t even get to this list chores yet because of other tasks that I have to finish first.

Sometimes it feels like there is every reason for us to be upset. The rainy fall weather, sleep deprivation, friends that disappoint us, work tasks not going well, a cold look or word when you expected a warm welcome. And sometimes it feels like it’s bad news upon bad news, and blow after blow.

And it seems like the most reasonable thing to do is to sit here and sulk and complain. But how are we expected to respond? (God never fails to teach me, and I got my answer a few days ago from morning devotions)

“Let us refuse to be discouraged. Let us refuse to be unhappy. Let us “count it all joy” when we cannot feel one emotion of happiness. Let us rejoice by faith, by resolution, by reckoning, and we shall surely find that God will make the reckoning real.” – Streams in the Desert

So there it is.
Isn’t it amazing that while we don’t FEEL like doing it, it is possible to accomplish it by WILL? To REFUSE to be unhappy, and to have faith that God will take care of this and of us.

So the photo you see above? After I saw my list of tasks, I thought, if it’s going to be a long day, I might as well try to start and find as much joy from it as I can. And the photo came up when I was looking for a playlist. I let out a chuckle and sighed. Find art in the mess. Find beauty in the mundane. Find joy in your daily tasks.

Let’s try to refuse to be discouraged.
And let joy be our testimony.

Take care for now,



Thanksgiving| Prayers and Aspirations

MacArthur's Prayer

Dear friends,

It’s the (Canadian) Thanksgiving Long Weekend!
And a good time to reflect on items of thanksgiving for this year. ‘Family and friends’ come up frequently on this list. And we’re often grateful for the reminders and upbringing of our parents (and/or mentors).  (This reminds me of the importance of training up future generations (Proverbs 22:6) or, as children, remembering the teachings of our parents (Proverbs 3:1-5)).

The passage in the photo above (“General MacArthur’s Prayer for His Son”) has been on my parents’ fridge since my childhood, and I’ve read it many times over the years (while trying to find food in the fridge, or waiting for my food to heat up…). After looking up the harder words in the dictionary, the older me now has learned to appreciate the selflessness and the incredible amount of hope he placed on his child. Returning home today, I came across it again. And I’ve always wondered, what kind of a man he was, General Douglas MacArthur, and how did his son turn out?

And what wonderful aspirations he had for his child! Not for wealth or worldly greatness, but worthy characters (to stand up through trials, humility, compassion, to master himself before he seeks to master others, to head towards the future but never taking the past for granted,  strength with meekness) that would make him a great man in whatever position he held and wherever he went.

Of course, it made me wonder what aspirations my parents had for me. And whether I had achieved any of them. And to be thankful today for their upbringing and prayers. And also for being blessed with mentors and friends who take the time to teach me because they believe I can be more.

So “family and friends,” if you’re reading this, my thanksgiving item this year is you!

And what are YOU thankful for? (They say people who are thankful are happier and healthier, so it’s good actually good practice to do this!) And did you let them know you’re giving thanks for them right now?


Take care for now,


What else?

Don’t you believe this? How many times and how many more examples?
Do you not believe that if He has led you thus far that He will lead you all the way? And that He only has your best interest in mind?
Sight and circumstances are fickle and unreliable.
But God is.
Not was, nor will be, but is.  So cease your doubting. Lay everything on this.
Have faith.

[For now and always. Deuteronomy 31:6]


And the time is now.

Dear reader,

It has been more than a year since the start of this project. And I – regretfully – have not been able to keep up my end of the bargain. To be honest, this blog began as a way for me to see the better side of a difficult journey and training. It has been more than a year since then, too. Today, I was chatting with a friend about blogs that our friends have written, and how inspired we were by them.

And this gave me a little spark to redo/kickstart this project again. This time, it won’t be one post per day, but several over a month, so that it’s not so much obligations but inspirations and enjoyment.

Will you come with me this second time?

I hope you say yes.

Take care,