nota bene|

A collection of advice I’ve received that has proved true over and over.

  1. Don’t romanticize the past.
  2. Pick your fights carefully (you can’t fight them all, and not everything is worth a fight).
  3. Always be kinder than neccessary (you never know what difficulties they’re facing today).
  4. Love me when I least deserve it – that is when I most need it.
  5. Jealousy is the thief of joy. (Pray for forgiveness. To desire nothing apart from what He has planned. (And more. To be joyful from this.)
  6. Don’t take everything to heart. (Are they doing this out of spite? If not, then listen.)
  7. Molds change. (Does this enable or hinder? How much are you willing to sacrifice?)
  8. It doesn’t matter how it looks on the outside. Because it won’t make sense. (You know this.)
  9. Portion control. Stop putting too much on your plate. (This applies to life more than to dinner.)
  10. Don’t rush. If it’s yours, then nothing will change that. (If not, then don’t worry. He saved you from grief)
  11. Family. (Don’t take this for granted. Don’t give your best face and temper to strangers and the worst for your family. They don’t deserve that. Patience. Grace. Love.)
  12. Don’t you know I always pray for you?
  13. Humility. (There is no limit to what God can do through you, provided you do not seek your own glory. [Because ambition outside of this is vanity])
  14. Remember to invest time in the people and relationships that you want to keep. (There’s never not enough time, and there will never be more time. So find time.)
  15. Faith. (Matt 6|8, John 16|33, Matt 11|26)


Thank you. For everything.