Summer Checklist

1. try beekeeping
[learn not to be scared when 10,000 bees fly at my face]
2. learn to garden. (x)
3. paint a picture.  (x)
(or 2, or 3)
4. teach a kid how to cook. (x)
5. discover a new favorite food (x)
6. finish the Book. then read the prayer (hallesby)/aeineid/northanger abbey
7.visit sfo.
8. write a postcard from somewhere fun.
9. (if fails #6) write a postcard anyway. (x)
10. learn to play guitar.
11. visit the hoof cafe. (x)
12. go to the beach. (x)
(find a shell to keep)
13. visit the bruce peninsula. (x)
[visit every lighthouse we pass]
14. go to stratford for a play. (x)
15. make molten lava cake. make panna cotta. (x)
16. bake a pie from scratch.
17. catch up with an old friend. make a new friend.  (x)
18. start writing a foodbank cookbook. (x)
19. finish 50 million admin tasks. (x)
20. posts photos for idotm. (x)
21. finish reading a section of the chinese newspaper. (x)
22. organize my room. (x)
23. bike somewhere far. (x)
24. do something extraordinary and memorable.
25. do something ordinary and memorable. (x)